Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Last Monday while on my daily walk with Tucker, I found a baby squirrel (eyes still closed) on the sidewalk, all by himself. Emma was home from school because she was not feeling well and I knew that she would never forgive me if I just left it there. (Kate probably would have forgiven me, especially since she seems to think that ALL wild animals have rabies.) Luckily, Tucker had left me with one unused poop-bag, so I used it to pick up the tiny animal and carry it home.

From a previous experience with a wounded squirrel, I knew that I first had to hydrate the little guy - a solution of water, salt and sugar. Emma fed him with a tiny syringe and began begging me to let her keep in. All I could think was, "Where on earth do you get Squirrel Formula?" Knowing that the best thing for this little guy was getting him to a vet, I prepared Emma for the fact that she was, most definitely, NOT going to have a squirrel for a pet.

After a few calls I found a veterinary clinic that could take little "Miracle" (Emma's name for him). Knowing that she wanted to spend as much time with him as possible, I took my time taking care of my morning activities. Then Emma and I hopped in the van to take Miracle to his new home, where they have Squirrel Formula. She held him in her arms the whole way there, talking to him and telling him how much she loved him.
The veternarian spoke to Emma personally about how they would care for him and that he would be taken in by some woman who cares for orphaned squirrels and makes sure that they go back out into the wild. Emma was hoping that we could come back to see him, but the vet said that he would go to the woman's place in a couple of days. I was proud of Emma - she kept it together until we got into the car. Then she cried all the way home.
She is on the lookout for another orphaned, baby squirrel.


HumphreyFamily said...

Soo sweet! I'm very proud of Emma to be able to let Miracle go...it's not easy!

Mrs Montoya said...

I am so dang excited to see you on your blog and think that is the sweetest thing ever. What a darling girl she is and how brave?!?!? Very, very cool. I hope all of you are well.

40-dayturnaround said...

Emma is certainly a hero. Her love for Miracle is undeniable!